jenova_x (jenova_x) wrote in hearseowners,

Hearse for Sale

 When I bought my hearse, I ran into another hearse owner by accident (I passed him on the road, I did not hit him lol). I gave him my information and today he emailed me. He is selling his hearse on EBAY! The man that drove it was a retired man that used it for tailgating. He bought it for his son as a graduation gift and his son did not want it. So he kept it and completely redid it. It is the most beautiful car I have ever seen! The interior is set with rear seating, at least 4 flat panel TVs, DVD, XBox hook ups (not sure if the Xbox is included), a custom painted wooden floor board, full stereo and more! Not to mention the Sparkling Green paint and Brand new vinyl top!

Check it out! WAR
NING: He is asking around $25,000, but in retrospect, it is mint condition with a shit ton of creature features. You would not have to spend another penny on it once you got it, that is for sure!
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