tahlulah (tahlulah) wrote in hearseowners,

My '57 Caddy Hearse

New here.... first post.

We just bought this one. All she needs is a sanding of the surface rust (no body damage), a paint job, a brake line and one window.

Can't wait to get this one up and running!!! --- most likely by the end of May.

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WOW!!! were did you find her? she a buet!!!!
Thunder Bay ---- sometimes it pays living in rural Canada! ;-)

It's a local funeral home car, ... which a friend's father then bought.

I just love it! This year, and being a Cadillac --- it's got alot of character and style. :-)
yeah ..i know ... i think im gpoing to take a tripe up north soon ... Toronto is dry of cars like that...
She looks amazing!
Definitely a great find!
Thanks! I am just in love with this car --- it's got so much character and style! Should only take us a couple months to get it road-worthy. :-)
Beautiful hearse. Congrats!
so rad...